5 Steps to a Solar Installation

So you’ve decided to go solar and signed a contract with an installer – now what? Here are the five steps to getting your new rooftop solar panel system up and running.

# 1. Engineering site visit

To start, your chosen installer will send an engineer to evaluate your property and ensure it’s ready for solar panels. During their visit, they’ll check your electrical system and roof to determine if you need any upgrades.

# 2. Permitting and documents

Next, you’ll need to prepare all the paperwork for your installation. Fortunately, most solar installers will obtain any necessary permits on your behalf. The permits you’ll need to go solar vary by city, state, and utility company.

# 3. Solar installation

Once you have your necessary permits, it’s time for the installation! Your solar installer will prep your roof with wiring and racking before installing your panels and inverters. Installing a solar panel system from start to finish usually takes between one and three days.

# 4. Approval and interconnection

Next, you will need approval from your local government and utility company to turn on your solar energy system. Expect a representative to visit your property to conduct a final inspection and give you the green light before energizing your system.

5. Apply for any incentives

Lastly, remember to apply for any federal, state or local solar incentives! Your installer can help you claim any rebates that you’re eligible for, and we recommend checking with an accountant when filing for any federal solar tax credits.


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