Making My Truck Camping Setup Off Grid (DIY Solar Install)

In this episode, I show how over a couple days I installed a solar panel on my truck camping setup to make it an off grid capable vehicle. Unfortunately, there were some bumps along the road, but we got it done! Leave a comment down below with the ideas you have.

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My Setup for Truck camping
Storage bins-
AGM Battery-

How I wired my battery-

Budget setup (before build)-
Cot for the back of my truck-
Power Inverter-
Electric Heater-
Sleeping Bag-
Sleeping Pad-
Battery Box-
Carbon monoxide detector-

Cooking Supplies
Pots and pans
Ice packs


My camera-
My Lens-
My Mic –
-Deadcat I use –
ND Filter-
Editing software-
SD Card-
Gopro I use-
Gopro SD card-
Go-pro Mounts I use-

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