No, wind and solar power are not the main causes of Texas' power outages

THE QUESTION: Are frozen wind turbines the main cause of Texas’s power outages? In an interview with Fox News’s Sean Hannity on Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott criticized calls for a Green New Deal climate change policy saying wind turbines and solar power “thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power in a statewide basis.” A tweet featuring Gov. Abbott’s interview was shared thousands of times.

THE ANSWER: We can VERIFY that this is FALSE. In an interview with WFAA prior to his appearance on Fox News, Gov. Abbott explained a significant reason why the state isn’t generating enough power is due to natural gas.

“It’s frozen in the pipeline. It’s frozen at the rig. It’s frozen at the transmission line,” Gov. Abbott said. “The natural gas providers are incapable of providing the natural gas that feeds into the generators that send power to people’s residences there in the Dallas area.”

On Monday, Gov. Abbott tweeted about the issue, as well, and did not mention wind power or solar power as significant causes of the lack of power generation.

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