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In this video we are going to present a very popular #SolarPanel, it is a 400W 24V model of the #JinkoSolar brand. This Solar panel corresponds to the Cheetah HC range and is made up of 144 PERC type monocrystalline silicon half cells. It comes with an excellent guarantee, as only one of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels is able to offer. You can find it on our website at a great price and with the specs that we are going to detail.

At first sight, the composition of this #SolarPanel400W is equivalent to 2 monocrystalline modules of 72 cells that are electrically connected in parallel. It has 6 columns and 24 rows of cells divided into 2 groups, therefore in its central part we can see the division between the first and the last 12 rows. This offers a series of advantages, such as its greater tolerance to shadows. This distribution of cells benefits us when a partial shadow affects some area of ​​the panel. In a conventional one, the distribution of cells is divided into 3 groups, while in this case they are 6. If we have a partial shadow, the group of cells whose performance is affected implies a lower area of ​​the panel compared to a conventional one, in which we would notice a greater decrease in production.

If we analyze its cells in detail, we can see they are monocrystalline and with 5 buses. Other models incorporate 9 buses, but although this manufacturing technique is relevant, this jinko solar panel also offers excellent nominal power and great efficiency with a very competitive price.

On the other hand, we have a panel that is capable of producing 20% ​​more than a 335W solar panel with a very similar size. Its measurements are 1002 millimeters wide, 2008 millimeters high and 40 millimeters thick, with an approximate weight of 23 kilos. Its few milimiters higher than clasical modules is due to the central cut of the panel and also to the higher number of cells, which requires more space dedicated to the separation between them.

Thanks to PERC technology, the panel has a low temperature coefficient, which benefits in superior performance when working in hot environments. Reflection of cells with this technology reduces the module’s working temperature and increases the amount of radiation that the cell itself can absorb. We can say that Perc panels have all the advantages of monocrystalline models and none of their disadvantages.

On the back, we find a somewhat special distribution. In its central part we see the junction box with IP67 protection with the bypass diodes and another 2 boxes with the positive and negative wiring, as usual with MC4 terminals to make easier the connection of the module.

In detail we can see the sticker with the technical data, we find the following information:
• Its brand, Jinko Solar
• The model: JKM400M-72H-V
• Maximum output power 400W
• other data such as temperature ranges, weight, dimensions … as well as all the warnings and certificates that it has.

As we can see, the production voltages are equivalent to a conventional solar panel of 72 cells, thanks to which we could even use it in PWM type regulators in an off-grid installation, however, we always recommend that it be used with MPPT charge controllers. The only way to get the full performance of any solar panel.

One of the great advantages of a panel like the Jinko Solar is that it allows superior efficiency in less space. Its superior production allows not having to install as many modules to obtain the same performance.

In short, a module with a fantastic performance. It offers a variety of remarkable features and it’s useful for all type of installations, off-grid with batteries, for self-consumption and also for solar pumping. It has guarantee of production and thanks to the confidence offered by a manufacturer such as Jinko Solar, a safe bet for a long-term investment.

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All our products, solar kits, solar panels, solar inverters and batteries (among others) have an extended warranty. Furthermore, solar systems are designed by engineers specialized in photovoltaic solar energy.

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