Do You Really Need Batteries And Solar Panels | Van Life Canada

I stressed over this when i first thought about living in a van. Live in it before you build it and like me you will soon find out what YOU need.

I started VAN LIFE because i was tired of the day to day routine of doing the same thing, same job, same drive to work, same mornings, same nights…everything was the same day after day. Van Life has been just an awesome experience since day one. This full time for me. I am in this for the long haul. I Love Van life. Its been the best choice i have ever made. I started Van life with my English bulldog names Disco. He is my hommie and my heater lol. I Built my van build is simple to show everyone that you can start Van Life with just the basics and build your van as you go. That you don’t need a big fancy build to get started. VAN LIFE is closer then you think. just grab the basics you need and get started. You will figure out what you need after you are in the van. I don’t have solar or battery banks, a sink or an electric fridge. I didn’t need that stuff to get started. I am sure in the future at some point when i feel the need for those things i will get them. But so far i have everything i need without all the fuss and stress of Solar panel, deep cycle batteries, and a full van build. One day maybe but right now i feel at home in my van with everything i need.

I have dedicated my life right now to doing youtube full-time, i have fallen in love with the creative aspect of filming and editing. I am still learning and and grinding to make this a full time gig for me. I would love to earn enough through youtube and Patreon to be able to travel and film for you and the world everyday. To share my journeys from my prospective and to inspire and uplift my viewers to be themselves and life the life they want. To be who they are truly meant to be. YOU.

Thank you for being here on this great Van Life adventure with me.

Filmed: Vancouver BC
Camera: iPhone 7+
Music By: Soundstripe

400 Watt Inverter:
LED String Lights:
LED Push Lights:
LED Magnet pen light:


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