Freedom Forever – Solar Panel Installers – Review (CA, NV and more)

Freedom Forever Nevada LLC
9165 S Jones Blvd STE 110
Las Vegas, NV 89139-7308

(888) 557-6431

We recently have a visit from a salesperson from the solar installation company: Freedom Forever. They have little social presence on the internet, so the aim of this video is to help potential solar buyers considering an installation with this company.

The Freedom Forever salesperson spent two hours in our home. This video will breakdown those two hours in sections, hopefully, saving you this time. This is a factual video based on my research. Your judgement is your own.

1. Reviews.
I had noticed that the majority of the positive reviews for Freedom Forever mention an employee by first AND last name. I then noticed the majority of the negative reviews do not mention any names, despite, having more incentive to name and shame. and show examples of this. The bad reviews have a pattern to them: Poor customer service and poor installation (roof leaks). There is picture proof on Yelp of roof leaks, cracked housing support beams and also customer service emails/texts communications.
When visiting The Better Business Bureau, this website requires you to be a genuine customer of the company. There are no positive reviews listed on this website.

2. No social presence. No Facebook, No YouTube, No Instagram. Without social presence, It’s harder to find their previous work history and user experiences.

3. Quality of materials. We were quoted $40,000 for 40 panels (Model: HQ 285). I searched the internet and found that these are mass produced panels from China which can be purchased from websites like Alibaba. I priced 40 panels up on Alibaba, and it came to around $1600. That is without a manufacturers wholesale discount.

See video for more…

Video Title: Freedom Forever – Solar Panel Installers – Review (CA, NV and more)

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