Growing Crops & Solar Panels Shouldn't Make Sense…

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You’ve probably heard a huge area of solar panels referred to as a solar farm. But Covering the land with solar panels will really hurt our abilities to grow actual food on that same land. It’s why I’ve always loved rooftop solar. But what if we didn’t have to choose, what if we could grow food under solar panels, combining solar and food farming? Wouldn’t the shade from the solar panels, make growing crops impossible? Today we’re talking about the innovative technique of Agrivoltaics, combining agriculture with solar production. What if Crops & Solar Shared The Sun? We thought it deserved a deeper dive here on Two Bit da Vinci!

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I’m Ricky, this is Two Bit da Vinci, and if you’re interested in learning about the future why it’s going to be far more awesome than you think, join us for the ride!

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