How to Install Solar Panels at Home? 1kW सोलर पैनल सिस्टम का इंस्टालेशन – 1kW Off Grid Solar System

आज के विडियो में जानेगें कि कैसे पुराने Inverter Battery को 1kW Off Grid Solar System में बदलते है. यहाँ पर पहले से Single Inverter Battery (12V Inverter Battery) है और इसको बदलकर Double Inverter Battery (24V Inverter Battery) का Power Backup Solution बनायेगें. यहाँ पर 1kW Solar Panel जो Shark 440 वाट का 2 Solar PV Modules, 2500VA MPPT Based Solar Inverter, 150Ah Solar Battery, Tin Shade Customized Solar Panel Stand, 6 Sq. mm. DC Wire, etc. का उपयोग करके यह 1kW Off Grid Solar System लगाया गया है. इस विडियो को देखकर आप भी अपने घर में सोलर सिस्टम (Solar System for Home) खुद ही लगा सकते है. सोलर सिस्टम में प्रयोग किये जाने वाले कंपोनेंट (Main Components of Solar System) की जानकरी से प्राप्त कर सकते है.
Buy Solar Panels for Battery Charging & Running AC:

10W Solar Panel:
50W Solar Panel:
75W Solar Panel:
125W Solar Panel:
180W Solar Panel:
Shark Solar Panel:
Shark Bi-Facial Solar Panel:
Buy Best Battery for Home Inverter:

6 Ah / 12. 8 Volts:
12 Ah / 12. 8 Volts:
20 Ah / 12. 8 Volts:
30 Ah / 12. 8 Volts:
40 Ah / 12. 8 Volts:
80 Ah / 12.8 Volt:
80 Ah / 25.6 Volt:
Buy Charge Controller for Converting Old Inverter Battery to Solar:

Fusion 1024:
Fusion 1012 for Lithium Battery Charging:
Fusion 2024:
Fusion mppt charge controller 40 amps, 12 / 24 volt:
Solar Wire for Connecting Solar Panel & Battery:
Loom Solar DC Wire, 4 sq mm, 15 Meters Pair:
Loom Solar DC Wire, 6 sq mm, 15 meters pair:
Panel Stand for Fixing Solar Panels on Rooftop:
Loom Solar 2 Panel Stand (190 watts):
Loom Solar 2 Panel Stand (440 watts):
Loom solar – 4 panel stand for factory tin shed 180 – 440 watts:
On Grid Solar Power System (without Battery):
440 Watt Solar System:
1 KW Solar System:
2 KW Solar System:
3 KW Solar System:
5 KW Solar System:
7.5 KW Solar System:
10 KW Solar System:
Off Grid Solar Power System (with Battery):
1 kWh Solar System:
2 kWh Solar System:
2 KW Solar System:
3 KW Solar System:
5 KW Solar System:
7.5 KW Solar System:
10 KW Solar System:

Book Engineer Visit:
Calculate your home load:
Solar on EMI / Loan:
Electricity Bill Calculator:
Solar Calculator:
Solar Rooftop Installations Nationally:

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