It's Happened! Tesla & Microsoft's INSANE Partnership to create miracles in 2022.

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It’s Happened! Tesla & Microsoft’s INSANE Partnership to create miracles in 2022.

It’s Happened! Elon Musk collaborates with Bill Gates on new projects
Microsoft Corporation is a leading technology company with many famous products such as Xbox video game consoles, Microsoft Surface computers. Tesla is an electric vehicle and clean energy company leading in the world. Now, these two big brothers decide to cooperate together with a crazy project.
So, why Elon Musk and Bill Gates collaborate again and where will this relationship go?
Let’s find out in today’s episode!
Welcome back to our channel, Tesla Fans, where we tell you all news about Tesla, Elon Musk, EV market in the world. Today’s video will talk about the project Elon Musk cooperate with Bill Gates. If you want to find out more, stay with us until the end of the video.
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Now let’s get started!
Gates were to have the opportunity to cooperate a business with Musk, and take on energy alternatives. Bill Gates invested in this start-up that helps turn lithium into batteries to cooperate with Elon Musk.
In adition, in twitter, Elon Musk said “This would generate a lot of goodwill” in a post about Microsoft Proclaims Support for a More Open Gaming Future. Elon Musk is seeing the strengths of Bill Gates and wants to collaborate to create video games. What Elon Musk has been wanting since 2018 in twitter “We want to make super fun games that integrate the center touch screen, phone & car irl.” Bill Gates has Xbox, the brand consists of five video game consoles, as well as games, streaming services. Musk will fully exploit the Xbox for electric car game store.
It’s Happened! Tesla & Microsoft’s INSANE Partnership to create miracles in 2022.
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