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in this episode of conversations in cleantech, we’re joined by co-founder and ceo of naked energy. naked energy is revolutionising solar energy with the world’s highest energy density solar technology, virtu. a whole new category of solar energy, naked energy’s goal is to enable businesses around the world to cleverly use the space they have available to produce substantially more sustainable, on-site energy in a cost-effective way.

with a background in the global advertising industry, christophe worked on award-winning, ground-breaking campaigns for high profile names such as BMW, Toshiba and Sony Erikson. despite his success, christophe came to the realisation that something in his career wasn’t quite right; a fortuitous meeting and several conversations later, christophe decided to follow in family footsteps, heading into engineering and cleantech. in this conversation, christophe reflects on his cleantech journey and taking the leap from arts to science, lessons learned on the “solar-coaster”, the value in cleantech partnerships, plus what is next for naked energy – hint, it’s pretty impressive stuff.

hosted by jenny gladman, director at brightsmith group, this episode of conversations in cleantech is an engaging discussion on the solar tech fuelling the future, with learnings on product development, community and challenges the industry faces that are insightful to both cleantech connoisseurs and novices.

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