Solar Panel Interconnections With Meter Main Combo Panels NEC 705 .12(B)(2)(3)(c) With Feeder Taps

Solar electricity system interconnections with meter/main combination panels can be tricky. This video shows one way to do it while maintaining safety and compliance with the National Electrical Code. The key is careful analysis of section 705.12(B)(2)(3)(c) along with a feeder tap per section 705.12(B)(2)(1)(b). Discretely analyzing each section of conductors and busbars shows that no overcurrent can occur in non-fault normal operating conditions. Solar backfeed is not additive if it comes from a downstream feeder via feed-through lugs.

This video is intended for solar industry professionals, licensed contractors, electricians, and AHJ plan reviewers, inspectors, and building officials.

Safe electrical work is the responsibility of the viewer and we take no responsibility for your use of the information, opinions, and statements herein. Use at your own risk. Always follow all local building codes and refer to your local Authority Having Jurisdiction to ensure your installation is compliant.


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