SOLAR Panel with Built-In MPPT Controller : Solbian ALLinONE

Here’s how to create a highly efficient solar charging system that can even handle partial shading conditions using the latest in flexible solar panel technology. In this video I’ll demonstrate how multiple MPPT charge controllers can be connected in parallel using two ALLinONE flexible solar panels from Solbian. I’ll simulate a partial shade condition to see how a distributed MPPT setup can handle it.


This video was not sponsored by SOLBIAN, but they were kind enough to provide the solar panels for testing.




ALLinONE semi-flexible solar modules (AiO) from Solbian are not like other flexible solar modules currently on the market. Their innovative design combines a high-performance solar panel with an onboard MPPT solar charge controller. Everything necessary to charge a deep cycle battery is included on the module. All that is required is to mount the ALLinONE (AiO) panel and connect the positive and negative leads to a deep cycle battery.

One of the cells on the panel is replaced with a small MPPT solar charge controller. The on-board MPPT controller boosts the energy collected from the remaining high-efficiency SunPower Maxeon solar cells. Having the ability to both generate DC power from solar energy and regulate the output to effectively charge a battery makes the ALLinONE a complete charging solution.

Despite having one less solar cell, the ALLinONE 47 watt modules I tested matched, and often exceed, the energy output of similarly sized solar panels that I’ve tested.

This video also address these topics:
How does shading affect solar panels?
How to connect MPPT charge controllers in parallel?
Distributed MPPT
Sunpower Maxeon Solar Cells

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