Solar Panels for Home: Mono crystalline solar panel vs Poly crystalline solar panel | The Comparison

Solar Panels for Home: Mono crystalline solar panel vs Poly crystalline solar panel | The Comparison

Whenever we plan to install solar panels for home, generally we are given two choices. Mono Crystalline Solar Panels or Poly Crystalline Solar Panels. These are the two types of solar panels most commonly available in the market. Even though the function and purpose of both are the same, that is to capture the sunlight and convert it into electricity. However, there are technical differences between a mono solar panel and a poly solar panel.

In this video, Luminous Expert is going to discuss the technical differences with you all. This video will help you decide the best solar panels for you.

1) Physical Identification
Mono Crystalline Solar Panel is made of silicon single crystal whose appearance is uniform in the black shade and which is an indicator of high purity.

Poly crystalline solar Panel is made of multi silicon crystals and the appearance has various patterns of blue shades. Other than the colour, even the structure of the cells are different in these. Mono solar panel cells are Octagonal and Poly Cells are square shaped.

2) Technical differences
Mono Panels are 2-2.5% more efficient than Poly Panels. Mono perc panels perform better in unfavorable conditions like Low Light Conditions and high ambient temperature conditions when compared to Poly perc panels. Mono perc panels are available in 370 W and poly panels in 330 W even though their dimensions are same. Due to being space efficient, Mono solar panels can fit in smaller roof sizes and used in higher capacity than poly solar panels.

If you would like to know more about the difference between the two to choose the right solar panels for home, then watch this video till the end or please visit our website:

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This video is a demonstration of how mono crystalline solar panels are different from poly crystalline solar panels. For more tips on purchase, installation and maintenance, subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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