The SEC Acting Unreasonable? Elon Musk is quiet

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The SEC Acting Unreasonable? Elon Musk is quiet

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So, what impact does this have on Tesla?
So, how does Tesla deal with this problem?
The SEC Acting Unreasonable? Elon Musk is quiet
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC, recently opened an investigation into Tesla and Solarcity over a fire risk associated with several years of solar panel system failure. This shows that Tesla is facing difficulties from the SEC.
The probe raises regulatory pressure on the world’s most valuable automaker, which already faces a federal safety probe into accidents involving its driver assistance systems. Concerns about fires from Tesla solar systems have been published previously, but this is the first report of investigation by the securities regulator.
The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission disclosed the Tesla probe in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by Steven Henkes, a former Tesla field quality manager, who filed a whistleblower complaint on the solar systems in 2019 and asked the agency for information about the report.
This shows the absurdity of this investigation. When the SEC is turning over the story from years past. If there is indeed a problem with Tesla’s system, solar panel customers have complained. Because customers are directly affected when the product has a problem.
In addition, Henkes, a former Toyota Motor quality division manager, was fired from Tesla in August 2020 and he sued Tesla claiming the dismissal was in retaliation for raising safety concerns. We’re not really sure about Steven Henkes’ assumptions. Up to this point, Tesla has not yet made any comment. Meaning, this is just an allegation from Steven Henkes to Tesla. We need to be concerned with evidence or factual information. Perhaps Steven Henkes is not qualified to take on the job for Tesla. And Steven Henkes is more apt to retaliate against Tesla.
The SEC Acting Unreasonable? Elon Musk is quiet
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