Vote NO on 1 – 1 is NOT pro-solar! Florida 2016

If you are confused by Amendment 1 on the Florida ballot for 2016, the utility companies’ goal was accomplished!

Amendment 1 – Florida 2016

Quick facts about solar power Amendment 1 on Florida’s November 2016 ballot

Amendment 1 was sponsored by the big utility companies to help the big utility companies. Amendment 1, if passed, would hurt solar power in Florida and increase the cost of electricity for all Floridians:

Customers without solar do NOT subsidize the costs of electric grid access to those who do. Just like SUV drivers do not subsidize the cost of gasoline access to people who ride the bus, motorcycles or drive more fuel efficient vehicles.

Consumers with solar power use less power, decrease demand, increase supply and reduce electricity prices for everyone.

Lower electricity prices help consumers, not electric companies. This is why the power companies are spending more than $16 million dollars misleading and deceiving voters in Florida.

The statement that solar power raises electricity prices is a “pants on fire” lie!

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