"We're Doing It!" – Building Utah's Riverbed Ranch homesteading Community

“We’re Doing It!” – Building Riverbed Ranch — Utah’s 1st and only modern homesteading community. Watch our intro video here:

About this video:

Here we show progress being made at Riverbed Ranch where homesteading families are building houses, walls, and septic systems. Also, additional progress is being made in the production of food.

About the Riverbed Ranch

The Utah OSR Land Cooperative is a non-profit agricultural co-op organized under Title 3 of the Utah Code. The co-op shareholders together own Riverbed Ranch — a 1,245 acre piece of farmland located in Juab County on the border of Tooele County. The residential area has been subdivided into 2 to 3.9 acre lots where families can build the online-but-off-grid farmsteads of their dreams.


Our current 63 shareholders value their agricultural cooperative as an ideal opportunity to enjoy:
❤️ Self-Sufficiency – Providing for their family’s essential needs without having to rely on markets or the government for food, water, power or sanitation.
❤️ Family – Insulating their children from unwanted influences in our cities, and providing them a more carefree rural lifestyle, where they can learn to work.
❤️ Safety – A place of safety for their families,
from things either now or in the future, and
❤️ Heath – The health benefits of growing your own more-nutritious, non-GMO food untainted by pesticides and herbicides. (We’re going to create our own organic foods label for local distribution!).


A share in the Utah OSR Land Cooperative gives you these benefits:
1. A cooperative’s equivalent of a title to 2 acres at the Riverbed Ranch farm-steading community (it’s called a “proprietary occupancy agreement” and can be bought and sold — just like at hundreds of housing co-ops in big cities like Chicago and New York).
2. Two and a half acre-feet of water rights (that’s 814,627 gallons of well water a year),
3. A vote in the cooperative,
4. Opportunity for group purchases of products and services needed to build your homestead.
5. Opportunity to sell your products and services through the co-op,
6. First stab at job openings within the cooperative, and
7. The opportunity to spearhead the creation of sub-cooperatives to provide jobs and goods and services to the co-op members and/or outside customers.

Learn More!

Visit two of the partners in this non-profit initiative:


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