What SIZE Solar array is most cost-effective? Bill Nussey of Freeing Energy eye-opening insights

SunCast host Nico Johnson gets insights from Author and Tech Entrepreneur, Bill Nussey, on the findings of his 4+ years of research into the solar and broader clean energy transition. Bill has captured his takeaways, insights, and lessons learned in his recently released #1 best selling* book, Freeing Energy, and Nico spent more than 3 hours interviewing him on the background and details of the book.
Nobody has done a more comprehensive interview with Bill Nussey than this (by Bill’s own admission).
*best selling: book hit #1 on Amazon for “Energy” category

In this video, we get into:
– Advantages of Non-utility-scale solar systems to the electric grid
– The social compact that Sam Insel made with the federal regulators when he convinced them to allow regulated utility monopolies
– What is “Local Energy” and what are the benefits?
– What is the least expensive way to generate energy for your home or office?
– Which kind of solar project creates the most community benefit?
– How can solar on low-income housing complexes be a net positive to the surrounding community?

Fabulous quotes:
“DG has for a long time been like the kids table at Thanksgiving…’isn’t that nice'”

“If you put up a giant utility-scale system for 2 or 3 cents/kwh will my electric bill go down? No. But if I put it up on my roof it’s instantly cheaper for me!”

“Local energy is like farm-to-table for electrons!”

You can listen to the entire 2 hrs of recorded content on the SunCast Media podcast feed, Episode #421 (from Dec 7th):

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